5 advantages of the VPS service in comparison with international

Virtual Private Server: Server service runs as a shared resource from a primary server to act as a Dedicated Server.

The administrator (client) has the highest authority to the entire Administration Server.
1. What is Virtual Private Server-VPS? Rent a virtual server or the virtual server is purchased?

VPS with Internet connection 1 static IP and pre-installed operating system options. VPS remote administrator and install the software according to the needs that are not restricted in the number domain.
Many people wonder that, rent a virtual server or the virtual server purchase? Virtual Server rental concept is true for, by you will have to spend some money to use monthly VPS service. When it expires, if no further extension of the time you will not be able to use the service.

2. Issues that need attention when renting virtual servers VPS?
– Speed (the speed of download and processing speed): these are extremely important issues you should pay attention to. Because you need to know to how the transmission speed, whether it is stable or not, fast or slow …
– Uptime: You also need to pay attention to the vendors that have the downtime incidents occur frequently or not, by each experiencing continued like that, your company will experience huge losses. Should, therefore, choose the provider uptime commitment up to 99.99%.
Support team: support staff is also important. By when you accidentally crash you will get answers, find support timely solution immediately. Many suppliers now are still not guaranteed to be a staff job.
– Prices: it is also the thing that any client would when using VPS services are also a consideration. Where the rental cheap VPS package, you should hire. However, you also need to note that cheap, must come with the quality, rather than just interest rates. To save costs, you may be aimed at the promotion of long-term or register to enjoy greater incentives.
– Accompanying services: Many good suppliers free of charge a number of services to ensure quality for your website.
If the VPS service provider would meet the requirements above then you can safely use.

3. The competition of the VPS service in comparison with foreign countries?
Whether or not the virtual server VPS better water in water?
Many thoughts from ancient to the present are always directed to the use of the products or services in foreign countries, they said that “foreign exchange map” will always be better. This is also true, by overseas companies to rent virtual server VPS, they always have a high technical level as well as the ability to absorb the information much more high tech than Vietnam.
However, if you rent a virtual server VPS overseas have difficulty a lot when the virtual server trouble. By then, the company could not immediately send technical personnel from abroad come to you to fix the problem. Although these companies when the VPS will hire has branches in Vietnam, the maintenance support customers also having quite a lot of difficulties in the exchange of information, the disagreement language as if the customers do not know English.
Today, the service VPS as possible are used more, however, many businesses leave uncertain not know should use domestic or foreign service. So, this requires Vietnam providers need to improve both the quality and the relentless price. So, the advantage of the VPS service in water?

4. Advantages of the VPS service in domestic than what is international?
– Rent domestic VPS is cheaper than international: by standard price set for the service VPS is international all object does not focus on a certain subject, is still in the country, the company will rely on the income of the people to bring out the best for the price. Essential VPS rental packages, international will reclaim a fee more than when about to Vietnam by the elements on the line or the speed …

– The rental package VPS in Vietnam is growing very strongly and are can match along with international. Virtual VPS servers have a maximum storage capacity along with extremely large bandwidth available along with the configured strong enough. So that you can secure the rental services in the country.
When the incident occurred about virtual server VPS, then the home there delivering the service will send technical personnel to immediately resolve any situation better. Also with the VPS packages when hired in another country then the repair or fix the error condition will occur more slowly especially when not in the same country.
– Virtual Server VPS abroad than to see the incident as the definitive international cable network will affect the operation of the virtual server immediately as slow speeds or can work also with the VPS was hired in the country then why not both, still functioning smoothly.
– Virtual Servers VPS in the country is also committed to the security features extremely optimized, so you can be assured of all the network security problems.
– The services of renting virtual servers in the country, the speed is also very fast and allows running many applications at the same time.
– Besides, the virtual server package rental abroad requires you to understand the English language, aiming to find out the exact information about the virtual server VPS packages we have of the overseas business. Sometimes, because of the State toward which you can fall into the pitfalls of the company the prestigious foreign pretending as if you aren’t knowledgeable about foreign companies have to hire the VPS.