Something you should know about the server

Depending on each type of work that will have a server type consistent with that type of job.

To be able to save the amount of the cost of the monthly server rentals that work remains to achieve the effect, customers need to pay attention to the features of each type of server.
How many types of server?
Currently, on the market are classified into three different server types

1. Private server (Dedicated server, Co-location server): server on hardware and separate support equipment including HDD, CPU, RAM, Network Card … The upgrade or change the configuration of a private server requires server hardware changes.
2. Virtual servers (Virtual Server-VPS Private): the server network is formed by the method of using virtualization technology to split from separate servers into different virtual servers. The virtual servers have the same features as a separate server, but run the shared resources from the original physical server. The upgrade or change the configuration of the virtual server is very simple can change directly on the system management software. However changing the virtual server’s resources is dependent and limited by the resources of the physical server
3. The server cloud (Cloud Server): server is the mix from different physical servers along with SAN storage system with unsurpassed retrieval speed help Active Server fast, stable, a low level condition of limited downtime. Cloud servers are built on the cloud computing technology easy to upgrade each part of equipment during use without disrupting the process to use the server.
The Server Does Its Work.

Depending on each type of work that will have a server type consistent with that type of job. To be able to save the amount of the cost of the monthly server rentals that work remains to achieve the effect, customers need to pay attention to the features of each type of server.
To be able to survive and grow during the information technology development, the business method is chosen for its business online, using the method of e-commerce, application deployment. Then the business always needs to have a single server to perform the job you want.
Also because of this the server probably came to be preferred which are considered indispensable technology for many businesses. Server rental needs therefore also on a growing and increasingly spread quickly, the businesses get online trading method is the main, if not previously used servers gradually and also forced his retrofitted for changing social needs, forcing the enterprise must also conceive.
If businesses want to hire a powerful active server types throughout 7/24 and stability with the need to build the website, data retention and privacy … then hired a private virtual servers is the most suitable solution because with this server line will operate more stable and powerful than the other server lines also, if a deployment applications use cloud server is best suited, because with this kind of server can contain large amounts of information the user is almost without limit.
In parallel, the use of cloud server technology also gives the business extremely practical benefits that most all business concerns, which is saving the initial investment costs. At present, the domestic market also has existed quite a bit technology rental provider on this server, so the client would like to own for me a server like that is not difficult. Besides, in some places rent the server, clients can register to try this free cloud services. In addition, depending on the type of product and the contract term that customers will enjoy various preferential policies.
Build Server Systems Should Ensure What Criteria
Configure, deploy Enterprise Server system you need build server systems with criteria: stability, security, data security, load balancing, optimize performance.

1. Analysis of infrastructure, requirements of clients and consulting services:
Survey & record customer information, a purpose of use and system requirements. The condition can affect the system. Network consulting solutions optimized. Logic model the detailed design and the physics of the system. Time to deploy the project.
2. The purpose of the solution
The data are stored concentrated so much security, backup, sync data. Resources and services focus should be managed and shared, can serve multiple users, easy to manage the resources in the network. Control of the activities of the employees on the PC. Flexible, flexible permission on each resource. On the basis of the system Domain, we can build more servers with different functions such as Firewall server, Mail server, Web Server, Data server … help system becomes more complete.
3. System configuration
Install Server for the server and the protocols, network service Server, install the Firewall Server, Web Server, Mail Server internally on the Windows operating system and the LinuxThiết list and the user account in the Domain. Create the data region and divided the powers of each user and the Board room.
4. Transfer the system to the client
Check the compatibility and stability of the system, testing, and delivery of the system, the transfer of records of system design and network diagrams. Manuals and network administrators.
5 common errors in Server
You are experiencing errors with the server, do not know how to fix that error handling.
Here learn about common errors in the server, how to fix the error and error solution server.
The common errors:
1. Googlebot can’t access your URL, the request time out, or your site is busy. The result is that the Googlebot has been forced to abandon the request.
2. Page loading time, leading to waiting time.
3. Dynamic Pages taking too long to respond. If the server is busy, it may return an overload to ask the Googlebot to crawl the site more slowly. In General, we recommend that you keep the parameters short and use them sparingly. If you are confident about your work for your site, you can tell Google how should we handle this information.
4. Host your web page overload or wrong. If the problem persists, check with your web hoster, and consider increasing your site’s ability to handle the traffic.
5. Your website can also be intentionally or inadvertently block Google. In General, this can be the result of a DNS configuration problem or in some cases, a false firewall or DoS protection system (sometimes the content management system of the site). The protection system is a key part to assess 1 a quality storage system and typically is configured to automatically block the unusually high level of server requests. However, because Googlebot usually makes more than one request of human users, it can trigger the protection systems, making them prevent Googlebot and prevent it from tracking info on your web page.
How to fix
To fix the problem as above, first, we have to identify it is a part of the infrastructure of the site you have to prevent Googlebot and remove it. The firewall was built may not do you control, so you should discuss with your hosting provider to resolve the problem.
Some webmasters deliberately blocking Googlebot visit their websites, may use a firewall as described above. In these cases, the purpose is not to totally prevent Googlebot which is to control each part of the website is collected and indexed. In this case, check the following:
To control the content you want Googlebot to collect or not collect, you should use the Protocol to specify for a robot, in which the use of a robots.txt file and configure the parameters to the URL. If you want to change how often. Googlebot crawled your site, you can request to change the speed of Googlebot crawl.
If still not fix you can look to a number of suppliers of services for servers, hosting, domain name …