What is Seo Hosting and effects of Hosting on Seo?

Hosting is where to store data on your website.

Means the company that is hosting your website and it can affect your SEO efforts in some cases. A good hosting provider can help you reach your SEO goals faster, while 1 bad hosting provider can hinder your efforts.
Web hosting affect SEO? and if so then you should know about it.

To be able to go straight to the point, first, we explain what is related to SEO Web hosting that we understand then go into the problems of the hosting providers affect how SEO, and how to choose a good hosting provider for the SEO Website.

1. SEO Web Hosting?
SEO Web Hosting does not have a formal definition because it is not 1 method book or product, so instead people use terminology to describe web hosting provider, we can understand that simple is SEO friendly hosting. In fact, a hosting providers SEO friendly does not offer something special that can do promote that SEO is simply not do anything bad to can damage the SEO.
Said another way, a provider of SEO Web Hosting does not do these things negatively influence the SEO, we will see soon that things below
2. Get to know your SEO work is affected by the web hosting provider
SEO is a set of guidelines that you can apply to your website so your website works in compliance with the principles to the visibility in a high position on the search engines. Among the principles that have a few guidelines are affected by the hosting provider such as performance (speed), the computer is available (uptime), safety and security, get to know about SEO.
Web page speed is SEO factors known to influence directly onto the Onpage SEO. Your website should load as fast as possible to make good use of the advantages of SEO, in addition to providing a user experience and better assessment. Through which they will have the action (see page more, register the track …) good for your website.
To get the speed 1 website quickly, you need 2 things. First, a good hosting provider has enough resources, infrastructure, data storage Center’s good and fast hardware. The second thing, you have to get 1 standard SEO site by the code optimizations, the optimized images.
For the second thing, this is something you can control but for the first thing if the supplier does not have good hardware, it will affect the performance of your website and the best option is to switch to a better provider, more reliable.
The website always works another factor affecting rank on the search engines that your site is always active. Search engines and especially Google doesn’t want to divert their users to pages that don’t work, it’s also the reason they tested and can be removed (probably temporarily) unavailable pages out of their index.
Availability (always active) of a web page is the responsibility of the web hosting service provider and if they do not do so, then it can affect your reputation in the online market. Assuming the worst is that this happens when you are sleeping, if you do not have any tools to monitor the stability of the website then you are losing customers and traffic.
Security: You can perform all measures to ensure your site but if the hosting provider does not do so then it as like the construction of the castle on the sand.
For those of you who have experienced because of the hacked websites then you will understand what we are referring, very frustrating and your business can be a big influence from being hacked.
A website without a good security is very susceptible to poisoning by the toxic software and if this is not resolved quickly, the web is easy to be removed from the index and put on the black list.
SEO mindset: If your hosting provider does not know about SEO and don’t understand the fundamentals, then sometimes they can damage your SEO efforts that right themselves, they also do not know. An example, on your website, has a robots.txt to control search engine classification but not know hosting offers party and for that, there is no File and delete it, this affects your website configuration.
3. How to choose Web hosting provider to be “friendly” with SEO?

With 4 years of working online, in each of them I have had the opportunity to work with a number of hosting providers and try different hosting packages. Choose a good hosting provider to assure Web SEO is not difficult. Competition is tough so the hosting provider should also provide good quality for users by making them offer better services at lower prices.
Saying so does not mean that all suppliers have been hosting well so we will try to bring to you some tips on how to choose a good hosting provider and SEO friendly service for your online business or website.
A number of years in business: not a quality factor but a year-long trading company in the field of hosting will have more experience than a new company started. Means they have to do it right, the new left was long.
Reputation: the reputation of a company? Is what everyone and especially the professionals think about them? A cheap hosting provider with a home very slow and outdated design???
Reviews: Are their customers say? What the user reviews on the quality of the service and the provider’s support. Will definitely have the website reviews about their service, forums for sharing ideas and you should monitor what the supplier answered questions of the comments back to their quality service.
Data Center: They have data center (data center) or they just resell the service to other providers? They meet up with technology by having the latest hardware and best compliance with the technical support of the fastest or they have outdated hardware and support procedures “cumbersome”?
Do you need hosting? Italy is last but not least there is work you should know exactly your needs. Do you need a private server (VPS) because you expect a huge traffic to your website or you want to have a dedicated server? Using 1 hosting package is the best solution for your business or you need something more secure and scalable?